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Design solutions for real world problems and build a mission-solving robot made of LEGO®!


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FIRST® LEGO® League Challenge 2018: INTO ORBITSM

Gather your crew and get ready to explore, challenge and innovate in the demanding and inspiring expanse we call space! The 2018/2019 FIRST® LEGO® League season requires you to work together to break out of your earthly constraints. Do you have what it takes to go INTO ORBITSM?  

The INTO ORBITSM has been released.

All you need to get going with FIRST® LEGO® League is:

  • A LEGO® Mindstorms core set - available from LEGO® Education distribution partners
  • A team of up to ten 9 - 16 year old students
  • A adult to coach the team
  • And registration for the INTO ORBITSM season, which you do through this website. The IET will then send your team an INTO ORBITSM challenge set and register you at your local tournament



FIRST® LEGO® League schedule for 2018-19

14 May 2018 Registration opens
1 August 2018 Global challenge release
August/September 2018 Challenge Sets shipped (conditional on registration fee payment)
December 2018 Team registration closes
December 2018 - January 2019 Tournament season - 50 regional tournaments to choose from around the UK and Ireland
16 February 2019 UK and Ireland Final, University of West of England (UWE) Exhibition and Conference Centre, Bristol.
April - June 2019 World Festival in USA and other international finals


Adult Team Coaches!

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Core Values

The FIRST® Core Values should guide everything your team does. It is very important you understand them and ensure that you can demonstrate to the judges that your team embodies these Core Values.

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Find the full details about what the teams have to do for their project in the Challenge Guide.

2018-2019 Challenge Guide A4
PDF PDF (3161 k) Updated August 2018



For quick reference the shorter Challenge Document is useful.




ESA space videos from FIRST®

Check out the “ESA Space Insights” Video Series. The first three videos of the series have been uploaded to the FIRST® LEGO® League YouTube Channel.

In these videos, experts from the European Space Agency explain a wide range of interesting subjects, such as gravity, space food, robots and the Moon.

More videos will be added to this playlist over the next few months, but make sure to start sharing this great Project resource with your teams now!


NASA Live Broadcasts

FIRST® has scheduled a weekly series of live broadcasts from NASA on Tuesdays at 2:00PM ET in USA (19:00 BST in UK; 18:00 GMT) from 18 September - 11 December 2018.

Teams are invited to join and using Twitter or the chat feature, can talk with various topic experts about difficulties deep-space travel poses for humans as background for their INTO ORBITSM Project. The broadcasts will be recorded for later viewing.

Please see the attached DEEP Talk Series Challenges with Deep Space Travel document for more information.

Challenges with Deep Space Travel
PDF PDF (2810 k) Updated September 2018



FIRST release updates during the season to clarify points that are not clear in the Challenge Guide. Please check for updates regularly at the following link:

Good luck with your project and preparing a creative presentation to show to the judges at your regional tournament. Don’t forget to talk to experts and if you have time, visit some space centres or museums to help with your research.


Robot Game

In the Challenge Set that you will be sent when you register, there are lots of numbered bags of LEGO®. These are your mission models and you need to follow the Build Instructions to assemble them. Be careful to build the missions accurately and leave time to pack away and store your missions carefully at the end of each session.


The mat or playing field will also be in your challenge set. When you have built your mission models attach them to the mat with dual lock (strong Velcro provided in the Challenge Set box). To make sure you put them in the right place follow the instructions in the Field Set Up Guide.



The Field Set Up Guide also has the specifications and instructions to build a FIRST® LEGO® League table, alternatively you can put your mat on the floor and maybe just make the walls of the table.

FLL 2018/2019 Into Orbit Assembly/Field setup notes
WORD DOC (14 k) Updated September 2018


The robot games rules, mission instructions and the scores can be found in the Challenge Guide. Read it carefully before deciding as a team which missions to tackle.

2018-2019 Challenge Guide A4
PDF PDF (3161 k) Updated August 2018


For quick reference the shorter Challenge Document is useful.

2018-2019 Challenge A4
PDF PDF (1368 k) Updated August 2018




FIRST release updates during the season to clarify points that are not clear in the Challenge Guide. Please check for updates regularly at the following link:



Get going with your LEGO Mindstorms robot using the new Getting Started lessons on the EV3 software.

Make sure you have the latest version of the software on your devices:


Coming soon!


We have a helpful introduction video coming soon about choosing which missions to tackle and getting going with programming the robot


Coaches - Check out the Participation Rules!

Visit the FIRST® LEGO® League website


Teams meet three panels of judges on the tournament day. They present their project and answer questions about it; are interviewed about how they implemented the FIRST® Core Values; and also discuss the design of their robot with the judges.

All teams are judged using the same scoresheets or RUBRICS.





There is a new Core Values rubric coming very soon – so watch out for all the RUBRICS here.

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