FIRST® LEGO® League Jr.

An exciting STEM experience for children aged 6-9



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We’re excited that you’ve chosen to register for FIRST® LEGO® League Jr.

Please see the list of Expos below.

Once you have chosen which Expo you would like to attend - click the Register Now button, and you will be asked to fill in your team’s details.

Once you have registered and paid - you will be sent an Inspire Set, 6 x Engineering Notebooks and 1 x Team Meeting Guide. The Team Meeting Guide offers ideas on how to run each session with your team, and the Engineering Notebooks are for the children to note their ideas and ignite their creativity.

The Inspire Set includes the pieces to build the Inspire Model (please find the build instructions here), and lots of other LEGO pieces for creative building! Do not forget that you will need a LEGO Education WeDo 2.0 - which can be purchased from many distributors online.

Expos for 2018/19:

If you are interested in attending Expos at any of the locations that are listed as CLOSED – please contact

Expos (in date order)



Bristol UK 16th February (Saturday) 2019
LEGO® Hub London 18th March (Monday) 2019
LEGO® Hub London 19th March (Tuesday) 2019 - SOLD OUT
Slough 23rd March (Saturday) 2019
Peterborough 30th March (Saturday) 2019
LEGOLAND® Windsor 1st May (Wednesday) 2019 - Please note the main park will NOT be open this day!
Ealing 11th May (Saturday) 2019
Belfast, Northern Ireland 14th May (Tuesday) 2019
Fife 24th May (Friday) 2019
Aberdeen 5th June (Wednesday) 2019
South Tyneside 6th June (Thursday) 2019
Leicester 10th June (Monday) 2019 - SOLD OUT
Leicester 10th June (Monday) 2019 - SOLD OUT
Falkirk 11th June (Tuesday) 2019
Dumfries and Galloway 13th June (Thursday) 2019
Croydon 15th June (Saturday) 2019
Ayrshire 18th June (Tuesday) 2019
Reading 22nd June (Saturday) 2019
Fleet, Hampshire 27th June (Thursday) 2019
Norwich 27th June (Thursday) 2019
Coventry 27th June (Thursday) 2019
North Wales 2nd July (Tuesday) 2019
Bridgend 10th July (Wednesday) 2019
Newcastle under Lyme 10th July (Wednesday) 2019
Cardiff, Wales 11th July (Thursday) 2019
Harrow 8th December (Saturday) 2018
Preston Date TBC
Cumbria 24th June (Monday) 2019

Closed Expos (alphabetical)

Dublin, Eire CLOSED
London North CLOSED
North Tyneside CLOSED
Walthamstow CLOSED



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