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Animal Allies Season Results 2016-2017


FLL International Events 2017

This year we have an unprecedented 13 teams who qualified to represent the UK and Ireland at international FIRST® LEGO® League events.

B6 – Berrellium won the Champions’ award at the UK and Ireland final and went to the World Festival in St Louis, USA. We were delighted when they won the 2nd place Robot Design Strategy and Innovation Award. Lego Workshop Wonders also qualified to represent Ireland at the World Festival and won the Judges’ Award for the Most Improved Team. Team Lightning from Wales also went to the World Festival.

Five teams competed at the FIRST® LEGO® League Open European Championship in Aarhus, Denmark. They are Maynard Wine Gums, Detrashifiers, Super Scotty Bears, Egni and Little Lauder Lego Legends. The Maynard Wine Gums from Devon won 2nd place in the Core Values Innovation award. Amanda Cunningham  who worked with Little Lauder Lego Legends won the Coaches’ Award.

Five more teams went to the FIRST® LEGO® League International Open Championship in Bath, UK. They are the Robot Rebels, Ennerdale Engineers, Tech HEds, Team M.A.R.T.I.N and Robo Riders. Team M.A.R.T.I.N won 3rd place in the Project Research award and Robot Rebels from Bath and Robo Riders from Galway, Ireland both won Judges’ awards.


UK and Ireland Final results 2017

Champions' Award - B6 Berrelium

Second Place award – Tech HeDS, home schooled from North Wiltshire

Project Award 1st place – Bookworms from the Middlesbrough tournament

Project Award 2nd place – Team M.A.R.T.I.N from Glasgow

Robot Design Award 1st place– Team Lightning from Wales

Robot Design Award 2nd place– Robot Rebels from Bath

Robot Performance Award  1st place- Tech HeDS, home schooled from North Wiltshire

Robot Performance Award 2nd place - Ennerdale Engineers, Ennerdale and Kinniside C of E Primary School

Robot Game Knockout Award – B6 Berrelium

Core Values Award 1st place – Lego Workshop Wonders from the Belfast tournament

Core Values Award 2nd  place – Maynard Wine Gums from Devon

Judges’ Award – Little Lauder Lego Legends from Scotland

Judges’ Award – Egni from North Wales

Judges’ Award – Detrashifiers who meet in Notting Hill in London

Judges’ Award – Super Scotty Bears from Scotland

Bechtel Award for Safety – Wistow Whales from Peterborough tournament

University of West of England Innovation Award – Bees NXTs from Bristol tournament

Government Award for Insight into Learning – CTRLX from London West tournament