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Volunteering for FIRST® LEGO® League is a great way to help budding young scientists and engineers launch their careers, as well as to increase the supply of engineering professionals that will be available to industry a few years from now. It’s also an easy and fun way to get involved in the local community. If you would like to volunteer at a regional tournament please email us at


Over 30 regional FIRST® LEGO® League  tournament events take place around the UK and Ireland each season. Each one relies on a talented group of volunteers generously giving their time and skills to make the event great. There's a broad range of roles available so please get in touch to talk to your local tournament organiser about what you'd like to do.


The following examples are intended to give an idea of what to expect.


FLL Volunteers in action  

Role: Judge - Project, Core Values or Robot Design
Suitable for: Anyone with an interest in encouraging young people into STEM. Robot Design Judges need a background in robotics/programming, but Project and Core Values Judges do not.
Amount of time required: 1 tournament day, possibly 2 hours of training
Involves: Interviewing teams about their work or their application of the FIRST® LEGO® League  Core Values. Providing constructive feedback and ranking the interviewed teams with a view to selecting the award winners.


FLL Referees in action  

Role: Robot Game Referee
Suitable for: Anyone with an interest in encouraging young people into STEM. No specialist background required.
Amount of time required: 1 tournament day, 4-6 hours of advance preparation to learn the Robot Game rules (referees need to commit to learning these thoroughly).
Involves: Observing team robot game matches, identifying rule violations, assessing field for scoring of matches, and participating in deliberations regarding contested calls and official scores. The referee plays a critical role in ensuring smooth flow of match play and maintaining the pace of the event.


Role: Team Mentor
Suitable for: Anyone with an engineering background and an interest in encouraging young people into STEM. An up to date DBS check will also be required for this.
Amount of time required: 1-2 hours per week from September until the team’s tournament
Involves: Attending an FIRST® LEGO® League  team's meetings as they work on their project and robot. Motivating and focusing them. Providing guidance whilst ensuring that they find their solutions themselves. Acting as a role model representing FIRST® LEGO® League’s Core Values


Role: Tournament Planning Support
Suitable for: FIRST® LEGO® League volunteers with at least two years’ experience.
Amount of time required: 1 tournament day, and approximately 15-20 hours between July and February
Involves: Assisting tournament organisers with the planning and delivery of the event. What you do will depend on your specialism, but could include delivering training, liaising with schools, contacting sponsors, designing the timetable, and/or setup of the venue. Experienced FIRST® LEGO® League  volunteers can give particularly valuable support to new Regional Tournament Hosts, and in doing so have a big influence on the success of the tournament. There may also be opportunities to be involved in the preparations for the UK and Ireland Final.


In addition to these roles, tournament organisers may be looking for help with positions such as scorekeeper, team supporter, photographer, DJ etc.


Please do contact us if you’re interested in getting involved, at

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